Genesee Lodge No. 174
Free and Accepted Masons
Chartered January 11, 1866 A.D. - 5866 A.L.

Under the Jurisdiction of the
Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Michigan

Flushing Masonic Center
349 S. Seymour Rd.
Flushing, MI 48433-2619
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Master of the Lodge: Ed Winer, PM.- email:

Lodge Secretary: Kevin Francart, PM.- email:
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Membership Requirments for Genesee Lodge
(and all Michigan Lodges)

* You must be male.
* You must believe in a Supreme Being.
* You must believe in the immortality of the soul.
* You must be 18 Years old or older.
* You must be of good reputation.
* You must be of good moral character.
* You must have lived in Michigan for at least 12 months immediately preceding the date of application, unless you are a member of the Armed Forces, in which case you must have lived in Michigan for at least 6 months immediately preceding the date of application

How to get Started

* First you must ask a Mason! You will not be asked to join.
* You will get a Petition for Membership that you will have to fill out and have two members of Genesee Lodge sign recommending you for membership.
* Your character will be investigated. This is done by an investigating committee and at "LookOut".
* You will be voted upon and notified of the Lodge's Decission. If accepted you will receive information on when you will begin your degrees.

You can download a petition here: Petition

Fees and Dues

    * Annual Dues:$122.00

    * Due with Petition
          o Entered Apprentice Degree Fees: $50.00
          o George Washington Memorial Fee: $5.00
    * Due on night of Entered Apprentice Degree
          o Fellowcraft Degree Fees: $25.00
    * Due on night of Fellowcraft Degree
          o Master Mason Degree Fees: $25.00
    * Due on night of Master Mason Degree
          o 1 Years Dues: $122.00